Travel & Adventures Videos – Arabian Sea Karachi Pakistan – Be the Hero

Get Featured on saltlife productions & Far ADVENTURES VIDEOS


  • You will Travel with Far Adventure’s Team and Visit Exotic Locations
  • You will have to Pay or Contribute for your Meals, Boarding, Etc (If Necessary)
  • Preference will be given to people with their own transport
  • You Should be well prepared with the list of required item before starting to travel with us
  • You will have to Sign a Confidentiality Agreement
  • You cannot Share Pictures & Videos of Expeditions – Live – Status – Stories – Until the Media is Published Officially which Generally happens after 2 to 15 days of Expeditions


  • Lead the Adventure & Exploration Trip
  • Cover your Travel on Media – Videos – Photos
  • Provide Camping & Related Gear
  • Update on Security Precautions
  • We will not charge you for the Adventure Trip
  • The Guests will pay for their Meals, Boarding & Lodging Charges
  • The Guests will pay for their Transport Fuel
  • Provide Basic Security and Coordinate NOC’s
  • We might Segregate Male and Female Guests at Night Or During Camping Time – Depending on Local Conditions
  • You will be Provided with Far Adventures Tee Shirts – Free of Charge