Private Tropical Beach Party | Sunset Boating, Camping, Dinner, Movie NightPrivate Tropical Beach Party | Sunset Boating, Camping, Dinner, Movie Night

Premium Beach Swank | Sunset Boating, Camping, Dinner, Movie Night


Are you Looking to Celebrate Life and Renew your Wedding vows
Take a Break from Busy Life and Plan a Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony to Reaffirm their Marriage Vows

Why Should I Renew My Vows?

  • You eloped when you were younger because you didn’t have the money or the time to throw a complete wedding. Now that you’re older, you want to fully commemorate your union together.
  • Your marriage has recently been on the rocks, or you’ve gone through a separation. You and your significant other have now reconciled your differences, and your relationship is even stronger than it was before. Why not celebrate your newly restored love?
  • A vow renewal can also be a great way to commemorate a milestone wedding anniversary such as a 20, 30, or 50-year anniversary.

  • Overcoming a major obstacle together is a perfect time to renew vows. Whether it’s a serious illness that you or your spouse has endured, or you’ve spent a significant amount of time apart due to military leave, or even the birth of a new child — these are major events that deserve a celebration.


Perfect Tropical Solution for Beach Wedding Vow Renewal at Private Beaches of Arabian Sea

With everything from intimate dining experiences, secluded beach, a touch of adventure, and the beauty of the lush nature that surrounds you, a couples getaway is simply better at The Beach. Far Adventures offers Arabian Sea Dinner Nights with Friends & Family, at convenient destination of Hawksbay with the Following Services

Please Find the Details in Description Tab for Complete Beach Event Setup

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Premium Tropical Beach Swank | Sunset Boating, Camping, Dinner, Movie Night for Two Persons

  • Sunset Boating
  • Setup for 2 Includes Venue
  • 3 Zone Setup  As shown in Pictures
  • Gazebo & Decorated Dinner Tables
  • Casual Sitting Area 
  • Camping Setup
  • Bonfire Setup
  • Fresh Floral Works
  • Night Event Photography
  • Tropical Movie Night with Projector & Small Sound System
  • Food Service : One Dish BBQ  and Chicken Karhai + Salad + Raita
  • Cold Drinks & Mineral Water for 02 persons
  • Washroom Access

Timings : Night Stay at Beach

  • Arrival before Sunset
  • Departure at 7:00 Am

Transport :

  • Transport Not Included but Available if Required

Tropical Venue

  • The venue is at Hawkbay and it is totally safe secure and family friendly and less crowded at Night

Additional Services

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Private Parking lot


1 Wash Room


Limited Availability, Night Time Rental


Food Service, Jet Ski – Watersports, Projector, Sound System, Speed Boat – Watersports

Romantic Tropical Dinner Options

Basic Setup Only, Basic + Birthday Setup, Basic + Fresh Floral Works, Setup for 3 Couples, Basic + Bonfire Setup, Basic + Sunset Boating, Basic + Photography DSLR, Basic + Transport for 2

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